How to use the "Compliment Card" March 17, 2016 13:27 4 Comments

Whenever I'm out and about I always make sure I look like a jewelry lady, I never leave home with less than 6-11 pieces of jewelry on. It never fails, people always compliment me on my jewelry. I take this opportunity to try and generate business. The compliment card is how I do this!

To get started, download the Compliment card here.

It will come as a PDF 4 to a page. Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat and type in your personal information in the label spot.

Next print out the card on card stock and cut

Attach your choice of gift card ($5, $10, $25) with tape or glue dots, I like to use washi tape to give it an extra cute touch. Gift cards are sold separately and can be found here.


Now you're ready to go! Keep these in your bag, purse or diaper bags.

Whenever someone compliments me, I say something like, "Thank you! This is actually a part of a line of jewelry I sell, since you were so sweet to compliment me, here's a gift card. I'd love to be your jewelry lady (or accessory stylist), if you don't mind texting me your name and number I'll text you a direct link to my online catalog so you can cash that in. I promise I won't hound or bug you."

You can also take this time to tell her how she can "upgrade" that card to get that piece she just complimented free by hosting a show.

Don't Miss these opportunities, start using the compliment card today!

Watch Penny's full training on the "Compliment Card" here.