3 Ways to Impact your Calendar with Bookings March 21, 2016 15:08 6 Comments

If you are looking at your calendar for next month and need bookings, a personal note with $25 gift cards just might do the trick. Maybe you are wanting to ensure the bookings you have on your calendar for next month hold. 

Here are 3 tips to help impact your calendar with bookings.

  1. Mail your hostess a $25 gift card for each show that was booked from her show. She can use these to spend on the night these shows are held. She can choose to use her Hostess VIP Shopping Discount or the $25 gift card but can't combine the two. This encourages her to partner with you and keep her friends encouraged and to hold their show. Your hostess will not want to lose that $25 gift card for shopping. It is well worth it in my opinion and has worked well for me.  Another reason I love to give the $25 gift cards is, many times a hostess has a show with bookings, but feels obligated to buy at each show and it discourages her from booking again with me in the future. By giving her a gift card for each show booked from her show, you have overcome that objection and she will be eager to re-book in the future and encourage her friends to book as well.
  2. Mail gift cards in a note to friends, family, past hostesses and customers for show referrals. I love sending a note along with the gift cards asking them if they could refer 2 friends to me for a jewelry party. You will receive a $25 gift card to spend at each friends show. They can even re-book themselves and keep the gift card to spend on their own show. On the back of the card in the "gifted to" line, I would write "gifted to: Leigh Weaver to redeem at Michal Phillips show." You will need to follow-up with a phone call, they have good intentions but most will never call you back it doesn't mean they aren't interested it means they got busy and forgot. You will always have to be the one to call them back. You miss out when your failed to ask for referrals.
  3. Mail past hostesses a VIP Shopping Card. If you have hostesses that haven't held a show in 6 months or longer you can mail and VIP Hostess Shopping Card along with a Style Guide and tell them it is time renew the great VIP Hostess shopping benefits. You can enclose a $25 gift card they can claim by contacting you first to schedule a date. These things create the desire to re-book.

Mailing notes keeps your business personal and your customers will pay attention to it when it comes by way of mail. Text and emails get ignored these days, personal mail doesn't. These tools have make a difference in my business, I feel confident they can in yours as well.  Be proactive in your business, it is the difference maker

Watch my full training on this here.

You can find my gift cards and Hostess VIP shopping Cards here.